Changes in coding heart failure

Did you know that heart failure with “reduced ejection fraction” or “preserved ejection fraction” can be coded without further specification by the attending physician?

In addition, certain abbreviations will be accepted as documentation.

The Coding Clinic has reversed its previous advice on the need for specification after reviewing information from the American Cardiology Association.

Please note that the terms “acute” or “chronic” will still need to be present somewhere in the chart.

Specifically, terms such as heart failure “with preserved systolic function” or “reduced systolic function” can now be assigned without further clarification from the physician. Additionally, the abbreviations “HFpEF” and “HFrEF” will be accepted as documentation specifying heart failure.

Here is a helpful Translation Guide:

Reduced Ejection Fraction = Systolic Heart Failure

Preserved Ejection Fraction = Diastolic Heart Failure

Preserved Systolic Function = Diastolic Heart Failure

Reduced Systolic Function = Systolic Heart Failure

HRrEF= Systolic Heart Failure

HFpEF= Diastolic Heart Failure.

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