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Our CoPs COMPANION puts a trusted industry expert at your side

We’ve sifted through all the new Conditions of Participation, thought about how best to help you apply the new requirements in your home health agency’s operation, and the result is the CoPs COMPANION, four books filled with helpful charts, tools and detailed information about each aspect of the administrative, operational and procedural changes ahead for the home health field.

Take a look at just a few of the highlights:

In Volume I: We detail all your new responsibilities, from Start of Care right through Transfer and Discharge. You’ll find helpful charts showing which information must be given to who, and on what schedule, as well as what to include in the new Transfer or Discharge Summary you’ll have to prepare. We also offer a helpful tool for making the decision about whether to re-certify or discharge a patient.

In Volume II: We list the “checkpoints” for when you’ll need to notify the physician or conference with the interdisciplinary team to meet new care coordination requirements. You’ll read about the role of the new Clinical Manager, and see a job description. We also explain how to meet new requirements for patient participation in the development of care plans.

In Volume III: We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to take the mystery out of QAPI, and our helpful documentation worksheet will walk you through how to create reports detailing your agency’s PIPs. Since the Infection Control program required by CoPs will need to be an integral part of your agency’s QAPI program, we’ve featured it here, too.

In Volume IV:  We show you how and why CMS is demanding more accountability from home health agencies – from very specific new demands on the governing body to higher standards for agency administrators.

And this is just SOME of the helpful information we’ve packed into this informational series.

It’s  designed to put a trusted industry expert at your side through the transition process,  making compliance easy!

At less than $60 per book, how can you afford NOT to have this detailed reference series?

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