What are your agency’s 2016 goals?

January is the month traditionally littered with good goals gone bad.
You know the drill. We resolve to eat less and exercise more, avoid sugary desserts, get to bed earlier, spend more time researching or completing that next certification and less time on social media. And we do exactly that, for a few days.
Then somebody brings a big box of doughnuts to work and POOF. Just like that, our ambitions for 2016 are nothing more than sweet, sticky memories we’re licking from our fingers.
Business goals, of course, are a little different.
“We can’t afford to treat our business goals for 2016 as cavalierly as we sometimes treat our waistline goals,” Home Health Care Solutions LLC Owner J’non Griffin says. “It’s more important than ever before for those of us in the field of home health care to set and follow strategic goals designed to ensure quality patient care and bottom line performance.”
One of the crucial components in goal-setting for 2016, she says, should be developing long-term solutions rather than focusing on short-term fixes.
“Is your goal just to make money today?,” J’non asks. “Or is it to position your agency or organization for the future by putting into place the quality initiatives necessary to continue moving forward in a fluid and challenging home health care market?”
J’non will join a panel of industry leading experts at the HCAF Winter Gathering in Ft. Lauderdale next week to address many of the most critical issues facing home health professionals, guiding them in establishing quality initiatives.
The event runs from noon Monday, Jan. 11, until noon Wednesday, Jan. 13, and is being billed as a”crash course” in must-know info for more effective management strategy in 2016. J’non’s presentation will be: “Monitoring Quality Outcomes for the Future.”
(It’s not too late to register, by the way. If you’re interested, click here to go to the conference information and registration site.)

Can’t make it to next week’s conference? Be sure to check out the blog here on the Home Health Solutions web site all next week, where J’non will share a week-long series of posts featuring the strategies you need to ensure quality patient care, protect your bottom line and make 2016 a successful year for your agency.